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Dhannur, 15, SIR P.M RoadFort0, Mumbai - 400001, Maharashtra, India.

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NRB is the global benchmark for quality and innovative design in high-precision friction solutions. NRB Bearings is a recognised leader in needle roller bearings, conventional cylindrical roller bearings and has developed a new generation of lightweight drawn cup bearings.

Established Year : 1965
Bussiness Type Distributor
Manufacturer/ OEM
Contact Person : Amir Pathan

About NRB Bearings Limited

Founded in 1965, NRB was the first company to manufacture needle roller bearings in India. For over 40 years NRB has pioneered the leading edge of bearing technology, and today over 90% of vehicles on Indian roads run on NRB parts. Since its inception, NRB has grown beyond its signature product to offer a wide range of high-precision friction solutions not only in the automotive sector, but across all mobility applications.


To create a culture that fosters innovation and rewards out-of the-box thinking which leads to quantum improvements

To supply products of high quality at optimal cost, leading us to be the preferred business partner

To cultivate team spirit and a sense of ownership, empowering each individual to measurably impact the quality of our organizational results

To recognize individuals who respect and communicate our values and are consistently ethical

To meet International Quality Management System requirements striving to continually improve effectiveness with a focus on product quality, delivery, cost optimization and speed of new product and process development



To be a recognized leader in the Design and Production of Customised Friction Solutions, with a presence in every vehicle in the World

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NRB Bearings Limited

 Dhannur, 15, SIR P.M RoadFort0, Mumbai - 400001, Maharashtra, India.
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