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    FM Radio
    Requirement - Scanned FM Radios Quantity - 60000 tons . Location - Mombasa Sea Port
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    Valve Tappet Face Grinding Machine
    Requirement - Valve Tappet Face Grinding Machine Quantity: 10 Location: Multiple
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    Snack catching stick
    Requirement : We need a good snack catching stick Quantity - Depends on Price Location - India
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    Gas nitriding services for 42CrMo2
    Requirement :Gas nitriding services for 42CrMo2 material internal gear minimum HV 600, Maximum HV 800 hardness, 0.45-0.55mm case depth, effective case hardness 400 there are about 100 internal gear rings weighing about 70kg to 300 kg each of different variety 20 numbers each Service Duration : Quarterly Location : India
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    Nice Aqua
    Requirement : we need a pouch packing film of 325 mm width and 70 micron thickness Location: Gujarat
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    1-Hydroxybenzotriazole anhydrous (HOBTA)
    Requirement: 1-Hydroxybenzotriazole anhydrous (HOBTA) CAS No. 2592-95-2 Quantity : 30 kg Location: South India
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    Tar Felt
    Requirement: Tarfelt for floor insulation for cold storage Quantity : Depends on Price Location: India
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    Requirement : Full body Mannequin male and female both Quantity : 200 Location : Multiple.
  • tg
    Tomato Paste
    Requirement: Tomato Paste in Tins of Different sizes Quantity: Bulk Location: Multiple
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    magnesium aluminometasilicate
    Requirement: Magnesium Alumino metasilicate Quantity: Will discuss after sample Location: Rajasthan
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